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I've been a personal assistant, nanny and household manager my entire life.   I've always loved making connections with families and bringing smiles to their faces. 

My knitting journey started 14 years ago when a little boy, Jack, wanted some unique party favors for his birthday parties.  He would ask for things like Minecraft and Roblox characters for his friends - things he couldn't buy on shelves or Amazon. 

When I had a daughter of my own, I realized I couldn't find any dolls that looked like her - tan skin and dark hair.  I decided to make her a custom doll and she absolutely loved it.  

Word of mouth from friends and family allowed our dolls to be seen by so many people! The requests for dolls came pouring in - and they have yet to stop. 

I put my heart and soul into everything I create.  I pay attention to the finest of details. Our dolls are handcrafted with love. 


I look forward to creating something special for your family!

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